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Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes
What sets a luxury gift apart? In the world of premier chocolate, it's an artful combination of the best chocolates presented in a unique and elegant gift box. The unparalleled quality of Neuhaus chocolates, made in Belgium to exacting standards, come in an array of gorgeous packaging. Perhaps you want to send a keepsake box of chocolates, one of our classic tins would be perfect. Or choose a delivery of unique chocolate pralines made only by Neuhaus. Our luxury chocolate gift boxes are the perfect gift solution, or perhaps the ideal self indulgence.

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IMPULSE CORNET (5 chocolates - 103gr)

IMPULSE CORNET (5 chocolates - 103gr)Indulge in our iconic Speciality Cornet pralines in a trio of f..


IMPULSE IRRESISTIBLES (5 chocolates - 121gr)

Introducing a special five piece collection of our iconic hand-filled Irrésistibles. Treat yourself ..


Irrésistibles Prestige Box

Восхитите кто-то с этим снисходительным собранием Irrésistibles Neuhaus. Коллекция Les Irrésistibles..


Irrésistibles Prestige Medium Box

Ваш особенный кто-то будет лелеять это снисходительное собрание Irrésistibles Neuhaus. Коллекция Les..


Large Truffle Prestige Box

455 g Truffles (classic + new truffles)..


Medium Prestige Heart

Medium beatiful heart. This assortment contains about 32 chocolates...


Medium Truffle Prestige Box

205 g Truffles (classic + new truffles)..


Bonbon Crystal Box

A transparent box full of pralines for 'on the go', made from unique ingredients and indivudally wra..


The Neuhaus History Collection

As the inventors of the praline (Belgian filled chocolates) and the celebrated “ballotin” box, the N..


9 Pieces Small Gift

This pretty transparent box contains 9 pieces: 5 Bonbons, Suzanne, Violetta, Galerie and Perle...


Star Pralines All Dark, 12 pcs

Испытайте необыкновенные вкусы и текстуры сочетания из в особенной коробке 12 частей нашего темного ..


Large Leather Heart

Enormous beatiful leather heart. This assortment contains about 90 chocolates...


Mendiants 10 pcs

Этот красивый прозрачный коробка содержит 10 Мендьянтс: 5 Dark 5 and Milk ones..


Red Tin Heart

This pretty, bright red, heart-shaped box contains a selection of 10 of our timeless pralines in var..


Small Prestige Heart

A charming heart shaped pink box features a unique 3D design with hearts that flutter like butterfli..


Leather Case Carré Mix 40 pcs

This elegant leather case filled with an assortment of Carrés will appeal to any chocolate fan. Love..


Assortment "Milk"

Belgian chocolate lovers with a preference for milk chocolate will melt for this range of chocolates..


Assortment Dark, Milk, White

Surprise Dad with an assortment of delicious chocolates in dark, milk and white chocolate. This beau..


Small Prestige Box

Prestige boxes: the haute couture packaging by Neuhaus! This assortment contains about 8 chocolates...


Medium Prestige Box

Prestige boxes: the haute couture packaging by Neuhaus! This assortment contains about 16 chocolates..


Best Selection Box

Prestige boxes: the haute couture packaging by Neuhaus! This assortment contains about 38 chocolates..


Small Leather Vip Box

Кожаная коробка со всеми типами шоколадных конфет Neuhaus. В ассортименте около 20 конфет.Seduktion ..


Large Leather VIP Box

Leather box with all types of Neuhaus chocolates. This assortment contains about 100 chocolates. T..


Classic Assortment Ballotin

The Classic assortment ballotin box offers a balanced choice of chocolates with praliné, ganache, an..


All Dark Assortment Ballotin

The All Dark assortment ballotin box includes a selection of chocolates coated in an intense dark ch..


All Milk Assortment Ballotin

The All Milk assortment ballotin box contains a selection of chocolates coated in smooth milk chocol..


All White Assortment Ballotin

The All White assortment ballotin box contains a selection of chocolates coated in a creamy white ch..


Fresh Cream Assortment Ballotin

The Fresh Cream assortment ballotin box comprises a broad range of Neuhaus chocolates, including a s..


Truffle Assortment Ballotin

This Truffle assortment ballotin box contains a variety of chocolate truffles with fillings of choco..


Mini Ballotin

Jean Neuhaus ja hänen vaimonsa Louise Agostini kehittivät “ballotin” eli suklaarasian vuonna 1915. R..


Medium Leather Heart

You don't know how to write great messages in cards but you want to let him or her know how special ..


Mini Heart

Very small cute heart. This assortment contains 2 chocolates...


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